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News & Sport for week commencing Saturday: April 04


     A group of High-flying students from Colchester County High School for Girls have seen their game changing idea win them a place in a competition to do battle with 39 other groups of youngsters aged between 11 and 16 to win 25,000 for their school. The team developed Project Assist, an AI enabled sensor network that tracks vulnerable elderly people in their home then alerts a family member if something is wrong. The programme also communicates with the vulnerable person during times of crisis via speech recognition and text to speech to reduce panic, connecting them to professionals who can give advice and contact emergency services if neccessary.

     Greater Anglia has made changes to ticket office opening hours at some stations and reduced rural train services after the Government advised people to only travel if absolutely necessary. The alterations will also enable the company to continue to provide core services for essential key workers.

Ticket offices are open during the busiest times of the day, to ensure people can still buy tickets if necessary.
There has also been a small number of minor changes to services on regional routes but there is still an hourly service throughout the day on the lines affected by these alterations.

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